"Stuck in Another Dimension" Original
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"Stuck in Another Dimension" Original

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Acrylic on Canvas

size: 24" by 36"

Inspired by: the idea of a soul trapped in a realm it does not belong to, seeking to escape its entrapment. I interpret this piece as some type of astronaut caught and stuck in the quantum realm desperately seeking a way out.

In a way, I feel like anxiety plays a huge part in the expression of this piece. the anxious feeling of being trapped and not finding a way out, wondering just how long you'll be stuck in such a limbo.

this piece is perfect for someone currently going through a rough time and looking for a reminder that all things are temporary, you might be stuck now but soon you'll find your way. 

even for someone who had been through a tough time and seeing this piece reminded them of the obstacles they may have once faced and how they overcame them to get to where they are now.