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Hello everyone! And happy new year!!

I hope everyone had a glorious holiday and you all feel refreshed and ready for the year ahead! That being said, I have some updates on my upcoming joint art show with Becky D'onofrio. Our show will take place during the months of June and July. The exact start and end dates of those months are still to come. 

I also wanted to jump on here quick to talk about a book I recently finished. The book is called "Will" by Will Smith, with the help of Mark Manson. 

I first heard of this book last year, about a month before it was released. I follow Will Smiths instagram because he is one of my favourite actors. I also tune in to Jada's Red Table Talk, where Jada, Willow (her daughter), and Gammy (her mom) bring light to difficult conversations with three generations of different perspectives. Even Will has been guilty of a couple Red Table Takeovers, where he joins in to bring attention to some of the topics and subjects he finds interesting and worth exploring. 

Upon waiting for the release of his book, I watched an interview he did with Oprah discussing the contents of the book. Oprah started off by stating it was "the best memoir I have ever read." And ya'll know how credible Oprahs book club is lol. 

I must say, no word of a lie, probably the best book I have ever read, hands down. When you read it, you can hear Will's voice talking to you and his comedic humour in his story telling. This book is not only a memoir, but it's also self-help in a way. Hearing of what his life was like, there were many aspects I found relatable. He has 50 years of knowledge and his book saved me 30 years of figuring shit out lol.

He went into detail of his childhood, how he became the Fresh Price and a block buster movie hit, to the troubles in his marriage, what he learned about love, and how Jada and Will found their way back to each other. He also lists many other books he's read over the years and what he learned from those books.

Anyone who loves Will Smith, would love this book. Hell, even if you don't care for Will I still highly suggest this read.

I loved this book because it made me feel validated in certain emotions I've dealt with over the years and how shifting perspective can change your life. The way you think and talk to yourself, has the power to bring you anything and everything in this world. Positive or negative, so the key is to keep track of the positive and let go of the negative. You are what you believe, and fear is the most debilitating emotion of them all. By letting go of fear, you have the freedom to conquer and achieve any goal you set for yourself. 


Thank you everyone and cheers to 2022!



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