"My Ego Is Not My Amigo"

"My ego is not my amigo."

Our egos hold us back sometimes, it's one of the many things that make us human. When it comes to ego, more often than not it's associated with negative attributes.

It can get in our way sometimes, and what I mean by that is it can keep us from personal growth. 

 The ego can be connected to pride issues, selfishness, stubbornness... which are character traits that can hold us back from personal growth.

And I feel like personal growth is a never ending process; There is always something new to learn.

And what is the purpose of life if not to learn and grow as a person?

When we leave our egos at the door it opens us up to personal growth whether its spiritually or mentally. We must take pride in those moments because they have the power to deeply humble us, and shape us into a better version of ourselves. 

Our egos do not like to be humbled, but it is necessary for us to grow as individuals and open ourselves up to perspectives apart from our own, and in turn, has the power to recreate our very own perspective. 

For, in the absence of our egos, we can truly see the world and better understand it. 


Gary taught me this simple quote, and over the years I have picked it apart and analyzed it as I have done with every other memory and thing he'd ever taught me.   

I love the idea of how just a few simple words having the power to unlock the mind to deeper understanding. 

Daily reminders, and affirmations I say to myself help keep my subconscious on the right track, being able to manifest my goals in clarity. Whenever I have moments of negative thoughts (which I admit, happens a lot). Being able to become aware of the thought pattern, I can then catch myself and switch over to a better thought or memory to ease my mind into a happier state. 

If my anxiety is bad, and that doesn't seem to be doing the trick (because that too, can happen sometimes). I practice something called "general thoughts".

 Thinking about something you have no emotional connection to.

The general thought I use is broccoli lol it sounds so silly but you can use it if you like! Give it a try! It can be anything as long as you have no emotional connection to the thought. Just focus on that until the anxiety drifts away because you are no longer focusing on it.


I hope you guys enjoyed todays tidbit!!


Cheers and good vibes only,

Happy Friday everyone! 


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