Hello Everyone!!!!!!

Its been a crazy few weeks but things are starting to fall into place. Just last week, I received word that I will have my first gallery art show! It will be a joint show with my friend and fellow artist Becky D'onofrio. 

Becky is not only a friend of mine from high school, but the very person to introduce me to my mentor Gary Brunt.  

Becky has participated in other art shows over the years but this is a first for me, and I can't imagine anyone else I would choose to do my first show with.

My first art show will be held in the same place Gary had his last art show in 2015, before his passing in 2019. So for me, it feels almost kismet that this is the place i would have my first show. almost as if, Gary worked his magic from beyond to put this together for us. I'm picking up exactly where he left off..

The show is for the Helson Gallery of Georgetown Ontario, and will be held at the Georgetown library. Our theme is "The Connection Between People and Nature, Mindfulness and Self-Awareness". 

It will take place next year, during the months of May and June, or June and July. June is for sure, but we're still waiting to hear back from the curator about the second month. 

I will make sure to keep everyone updated as we get closer to the dates of the show. 


I am BEYOND excited to be working on this show and I can't wait for you all to see the pieces that we will have on display and available for purchase.  

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