The Definition of Honesty


Hello everyone and happy Thursday!!

Things have been a little hectic reorganizing the store and working on pieces so this blog entry is coming to you guys late and I sincerely apologize!   

On that note, I'm going to dive right into the next entry for it is not a long entry this week but still something I feel others can connect with. 

I have always considered myself an honest person, but when thinking about the definition of honesty, it made me consider the thoughts I have to myself when decision making.

If the choice you make, or answer you give someone is the honest answer, is it still considered honest if the first thought you had was to be dishonest?


Honesty is defined as the absolute absence of the intent to deceive. 

Meaning, to be 100% honest, you cannot even consider the thought of being dishonest. For honesty is the ABSOLUTE ABSENCE of the INTENT to deceive.   


Back in 2016 my mentor shared this tidbit with me over a game of chess, and in doing so, it was almost as if hearing it opened up my "third eye" so to speak. 

Gary taught me many things in the short time we had, because he was a recovering alcoholic, he went through the 12 steps and had a vast knowledge of definitions and sayings that were simple and straight to the point. 

To this day, I carry the definition of honesty with me for it keeps me humble as well as honest to myself and those around me. 

As the saying goes "honesty is the best policy!" 


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