Welcome to the MRK BLOG!!!


Welcome everyone to the first MRK CREATIONS blog post! 

Here I will post weekly affirmations and quotes focusing on positive mental health, self talk, music, art, things I would love to share with all you guys that I find help me get through my day dealing with depression, anxiety and PTSD.

And I hope they are able to help you as well, to feel like you are not alone in your struggles, and there are people and resources that can help point you in the right direction.
My goal is create a community surrounded by positive mental health, art, and music because I feel they all flow together. 

I have created a contact page for a dear friend of mine, Cait Banks. She is a Registered Psychotherapist as well as Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Instructor. 

She is an amazing resource for anyone looking for guidance with a positive outlook, free of judgement.  


The first quote I want to share with you all is;

"A painting is never finished, it simply stops in interesting places." 

I am unsure of where this quote originated from, but I had first heard it from the mouth of my mentor, Gary Brunt. An amazing abstract artist. He taught me everything I know before he passed in February of 2019 of CPOD, one week after my 25th birthday. He had taught me many things over the years, as you will see later in future blog posts. 
I hold this quote close to my heart because it helps me to remember to be kind to myself. Being a perfectionist, you are your worst critic. The struggle of wondering if you or your work is good enough, and the feeling like it is never finished. 

You can finish a painting and years later pick it up, add to it, change it, build on it, for it is never "finished", it simply stops in interesting places. 

When it comes to myself personally, I find I struggle with knowing when to stop lol. Many times have I been working on a piece and loving the direction I was going in, all of a sudden to overwork an aspect of the painting causing it to change completely and losing the wow factor I once felt towards it. 

I am learning the importance of taking breaks and stepping back from my work to analyze it from a distance and different perspectives. I've also discovered by doing that, if I stare at the canvas long enough, it's as if imaginary lines appear showing me where to paint next which I find pretty amazing (I'm not sure if any other artists out there have experienced this themselves while creating but I find it really cool!). 

Beauty cannot be rushed. And I am learning to slow down and question my paint strokes more and become more sure of myself as I paint. 

I would love to hear from anyone willing to share their own experiences, and let me know if you as well find yourself captivated by the possibilities of the imaginary lines that appear on your canvas while you create. 

Feel free to email me at mrk.artcreations@gmail.com and share your experiences.
please also let me know if you are willing to share your story and insights to be featured in a future blog post! 
And if you would like to share your story or experiences with just myself that is completely ok too! 

This is a platform to connect with my readers, and for my readers to connect with each other if they choose to. 

On that note, I wish everyone a happy Thursday and a positive week!! 


Melanie Mokrenko


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